All our tourists are protected by the Law of Ukraine "On Tourism". With each tourist, we enter into a travel service agreement by issuing a voucher (letter of guarantee) after prepayment. Voucher is a confirmation of the reservation and guarantee of our obligations to the tourist from our side.

The voucher contains the following tourist accommodation information:

  • Surname Name Patronymic tourist (or tourist list)
  • Accommodation facility (hotel, villa, sanatorium)
  • The address of the accommodation facility
  • The category of the room on which the reservation is placed
  • Period of tourist accommodation
  • Number of tourists including children with their age

Each voucher has its own identification number, the signature of the responsible manager and the company seal.

Reimbursement of losses incurred by a tourist in the event of insolvency of the tour operator (travel agent) or as a result of a violation of the process of recognition as bankrupt, is carried out by the relevant credit institution on the basis of a tourist application, a travel service agreement (voucher) and documents confirming the failure of the tour operator (travel agent) contractual obligations.

Also, our guarantee may be positive feedback from tourists who took advantage of our services.


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