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Resort Morshyn - a small town in the Lviv region. It is located at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains, surrounded on all sides by dense forests. For more than one century, Morshin is known as a major balneological center, which is annually visited by hundreds of tourists from around the world.

Morshin: rest and treatment
Rest in Morshyn is, first of all, picturesque landscapes, crystal clear mountain air and mineral waters. Healing springs made the rest in the Morshyn sanatoriums known far beyond the borders of Ukraine.

Morshin - is the rest and treatment at the same time. The properties of the healing waters of the resort were already known in the 15th century. At the end of the 19th century, the sanatorium was completely modernized and opened as a climatic resort for people suffering from respiratory diseases. During this period, Morshin retooled with a focus on the famous European health resorts - Karlovy Vary and Baden-Baden.

Scientists argue that the natural composition of Morshyn water is optimal for the human body. Rest and treatment at the resort Morshyn - truly unique. The sanatorium is generously endowed with springs varying in composition - from rich in minerals to completely fresh water.

On the rest in the Carpathians and Morshins come people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, kidney and urinary tract, metabolic diseases and endocrine system, diseases of the cardiovascular system, the musculoskeletal system. Reception of medicinal water according to the prescription of doctors has a stimulating effect on the immune system, normalizes metabolism and pressure, strengthens the nervous system. To achieve a therapeutic effect, a holiday in Ukraine in Morshyn should be carried out for at least 2-3 weeks.

In Morshyn also come for outdoor activities. There are widespread hiking routes that stretch along the Bereznitsa River and in the forests surrounding the resort. Tourists choose trips on bicycles and quad bikes, horseback riding, fishing.

Rest in Morshyn with children
Rest in Morshyn with children is an ideal option for family leisure. Most hotels offer comfortable accommodation for families with children. Separate motels and hotel complexes provide special preventive and curative children's procedures for families with children in Morshyn.

Tourists choose vacation with children in Morshyn when the child has problems with the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, and metabolism. However, many vacationers prefer to come to the resort to prevent diseases in the whole family.

On the territory of the resort there are several resorts that specialize in treating children with their parents. For a comfortable and convenient stay in Morshyn with a child, the sanatoriums are equipped with modern diagnostic and treatment facilities for children, game rooms, classrooms, and libraries.

For recreation with a child in Morshyn provides playgrounds, parks and alleys for walking. In most sanatoriums, children under four years old stay for free. While relaxing with a child in Morshyn, one can visit billiard rooms, play table tennis, volleyball, football. Little tourists and their parents can choose sightseeing trips to the sights of Western Ukraine.

Rest in Morshyn with animals
Many travelers go on vacation with pets. Therefore, they are interested in, is rest with animals in Morshyn - is it real? The resort has several hotels, guest houses and apartments, where they receive guests with pets.

For pets, hotel complexes provide all the necessary amenities. An important plus for the rest - the possibility of supervision and walking of the animal during the absence of the owner. Some hotels offer a pet bed and a special menu.

Some hotels allow pets weighing no more than 3 kg. It is worth remembering when booking a vacation in Morshyn in the private sector or in a hotel, that the owner bears full responsibility for his pet. This applies to cases of moral or material damage to the hotel or guests.

Prices for holidays in Morshyn
On holiday in Morshyn prices are determined by the season. The most budget option - booking a hotel or sanatorium in the period from January to March. During this period, the prices for rest in Morshyn are reduced by approximately 40%. The highest prices in Morshyn are for summer holidays and during the winter holidays.

At the resort every tourist will be able to find accommodation regarding their budget and requirements. On holiday in Morshyn prices are largely determined by the comfort of the rooms and the location of the hotel or sanatorium. The resort has many specialized sanatoriums, hotel complexes, villas and apartments.

Morshin: VIP all inclusive vacation
Many tourists come to Morshyn to rest "all inclusive". Such a complex of services is offered by large hotels and five-star hotels. In Morshyn VIP, rest includes the whole range of procedures for the rehabilitation and prevention of diseases. For holidaymakers develop individual treatment programs. Hotels and hotels in Morshyn offer rest with meals - standard

European menu or dietary dishes.

A holiday in Morshyn will help to fully enjoy the holidays and relax after working days. When choosing a hotel for many tourists, rest with a pool is a priority in Morshyn. Such services are offered by most large hotels. Modern hotels are equipped with restaurants, massage and beauty treatments, saunas, baths, children's playgrounds.

Cheap vacation in Morshyn
To spend a cheap holiday in Morshyn, it is worth choosing villas and apartments that are classic for a resort. This type of accommodation is no less popular than motels and hotels. In Morshyn, an inexpensive vacation in comfort and quality of service is in no way inferior to a VIP vacation. The villas are equipped with its own medical base, physiotherapy rooms. By choosing a villa, you can not only spend an economy vacation in Morshyn, but also enjoy the unusual interiors of old buildings.

Apartments in Morshyn also offer budget holidays. This option is suitable for families with children and youth companies that do not require a strict resort regime. To organize an inexpensive vacation in Morshyn, you must pre-book a place to stay, or select the period from January to March.

When is it better to go to Morshin
Morshyn - a unique resort for recreation in any season. Regardless of the season, it is possible to spend an interesting and useful time for tourists of different ages in the health resort.

Rest in Morshyn in the spring
Rest in Morshyn in spring is a favorable period for leisure with the whole family. In the spring there are not so many tourists at the resort, so vacationers will not have to wait long for medical procedures in queues. Many tourists come to Morshin for the May holidays and Easter. In the spring the resort is immersed in lush greenery and flowers.

An important advantage of spring vacation is lower prices in hotels. Spring is best suited for a quiet family vacation, exploring the parks and visiting excursions. Vacationers come to the health resort from year to year in the spring. During this period, you can enjoy the silence of nature, walk along the forest paths. However, it is worth remembering that in the spring in Morshyn the greatest amount of precipitation falls.

Rest in Morshyn in the summer
The most popular season for relaxing at the health resort is summer. The period is chosen for a pleasant mild climate and cool weather. Summer holidays in Morshyn are measured walks through city streets and parks. Around Morshyn are coniferous and deciduous forests in which tourists gather berries and mushrooms in summer.

By choosing summer vacation in Morshyn, tourists can admire the beauty of the waterfall, located near the health resort. The waterfall flows out of the lake, which in ancient times was called dead - it does not freeze even in extreme cold.

Holidays in the Carpathians in the summer (in Morshyn) are also preferred for the opportunity to visit the sights. From Morshyn, you can book trips to the caves and rocks of Dovbush, the Synevyr Lake, the thermal lakes of Transcarpathia, the Carpathian tram, Uzhgorod and the ancient Lviv. Popular summer walks on forest paths, bike tours and trips on quad bikes.

Rest in Morshyn in the fall
In Morshyn autumn is long and warm. Even if it rains at the resort, they are quickly replaced by a bright sun. Rest in the autumn in Morshyn is the gathering of berries and mushrooms. Tourists can take a basket and boldly go to the forests to collect blueberries, white mushrooms, medicinal herbs. In autumn, vacation at the resort is much cheaper than in high seasons.

Autumn is often chosen by people suffering from diseases of the respiratory system, asthma and heart disease. Holidays in the Carpathians and Morshyn in the autumn can be carried out actively by choosing horseback riding and walking tours, fishing, excursions to the sights of Western Ukraine.

Rest in Morshyn in the winter
Most tourists choose winter in Morshyn. The resort attracts with snowy landscapes, tranquility and tranquility. Winter in Morshyn is always mild with plenty of snow. During this period, you can not only improve your health by mineral waters, but also feel the Christmas flavor of the town.

Popular in Morshyn holiday on the New Year. During the Christmas holidays, the health resort is buried in bright lights and garlands. Vacationers offer a variety of entertainment programs, concerts and interesting events.

Tourists choose winter vacation in Morshyn for the opportunity to go skiing and snowboarding. Not far from the health resort are located the famous ski resorts - Bukovel, Slavske. Winter holidays in Morshyn are as good as summer leisure.

Reviews about the rest in Morshyn
Choosing a holiday in Morshyn, tourists still need to read. Experienced vacationers say the resort is suitable for a holiday in any season. In the health resort you can spend time for the benefit of body and soul. Guest reviews claim that holidays in Morshyn are suitable for families with children, young people or elderly people.

Morshyn is surrounded by lush green forests, surrounded by mountains. From the rest in Morshyn reviews will remain extremely positive. The health resort offers a lot of entertainment and the opportunity to spend an unforgettable vacation. At the resort, you can choose accommodation from economy to "all inclusive".

Picturesque th resort Morshyn will not leave indifferent any tourist. It is not without reason called the pearl of the Carpathian region - Morshin conquers with its unique beauty, healing waters and local flavor.


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