Morshyn Sanatoriums

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Many tourists come to Morshin from year to year, preferring the health resort to other resorts. Vacationers are attracted not only by loyal prices for accommodation and services, but also by the effectiveness of treatment, picturesque landscapes and measured vacation. For the recovery and prevention of diseases in Morshyn tourists choose sanatoriums.

Sanatoriums in Morshyn

Selecting sanatoriums in Ukraine, Morshin will always come first. Vacationers came to the resort 300 years ago. The popularity of the resort is due to the good location, mild climate, the unique properties of mineral waters and the professional work of the medical staff.

Sanatoriums in Morshyn specialize in the treatment of diseases of the endocrine system, musculoskeletal system, kidney and urinary tract diseases, digestive organs, metabolism, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

Trips to the sanatorium Morshyn include a number of spa procedures, which are based on the use of mineral waters. Sources of the resort have no analogues in the world. In one health resort, unique water composition was collected - from saturated brine to ultra-fresh. Rest in the sanatorium Morshina will allow you to feel the healing properties of water and the effect of complex treatment of the body.

In addition to the healing waters, all the sanatoriums of Morshina offer to undergo a course of treatment with ozokerite, mountain wax, which is mined in the Carpathian region. Sanatoriums in Morshyn are rightly called the best in terms of treatment infrastructure and efficiency of rehabilitation. For young patients, there is a children's sanatorium in Morshyn.

Before booking accommodation on the website, you can see the map of Morshyn sanatoriums. They are located throughout the resort. Most of the resorts are located not far from the center of the health resort and the city’s pump-room of mineral waters. This location is a priority for many tourists. The best Morshyn sanatoriums in the center border the park area. From their windows you can admire the picturesque landscapes and historical buildings.

Prices for trips to the resort Morshina

At the Morshyn resort the prices depend on the comfort of the room and the season. Most of the resorts offer rooms of a superior class or standard. In Morshyn trips to the sanatorium include room and board. Vacationers can choose from a buffet or a diet menu. Diet is selected individually for medical appointments.

The price of the trip to the resort Morshina necessarily includes treatment. During their stay at the resort, the doctors are advising tourists, recommending rehabilitation, prescribing the necessary tests and diagnostic procedures.

If necessary, in the Morshyn sanatorium prices may include consultations of narrow specialists, individual medical procedures. The basis of all recreational activities is the reception of mineral waters. At the sanatorium in Morshyn prices are also determined by the treatment program.

The resort welcomes guests all year round. However, tourists should remember that prices for accommodation depend on the season. Least of all vacationers in the health resort in the period from January to March. At this time, it is possible to book a room several times cheaper, to undergo a course of treatment without long waiting for procedures in queues.

Services and treatments in sanatoriums Morshina
The tourist needs to know in advance when choosing the resort Morshin, what services are provided by the sanatorium. In addition to the traditional intake of mineral water and balneotherapy, the complexes provide additional services. On the territory of the sanatorium there is a general resort balneotherapy center. Her services can take advantage of vacationers from all resorts. The price of the voucher may include mud- and ozokeritotherapy, physiotherapy, physical therapy, inhalation.

Most tourists prefer to choose a resort in Morshyn with a swimming pool. This service will allow you to relax, take a break from the noisy metropolis. Sanatoriums in Morshyn with a swimming pool are not uncommon, they can be found everywhere. Additionally, the sanatoriums are equipped with saunas, sports grounds, beauty salons, billiard rooms, libraries and playgrounds.

Reviews about treatment in sanatoriums Morshina

Rest in sanatoriums Morshyn attracts tourists from all over the world. Choosing such leisure for holidays, one can be confident in the effectiveness of treatment, which is carried out according to world trends using procedures that have been tested for centuries.

About Morshyn sanatoriums, reviews of doctors and tourists say that for a therapeutic effect, staying at the resort should be at least 2-3 weeks. This time is enough to achieve the result of treatment or prevention of the disease.

The relaxed atmosphere of the health resort contributes to relaxation and relaxation from the city rush. Guest reviews claim that it will be interesting and comfortable for families with children, young people and the elderly. For the convenience of the guests, the individual sanatoriums are equipped with their own mineral water pump rooms.


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