Hotels Skhidnytsya

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Balneological resort Skhidnytsya called "Ukrainian Switzerland". Here come to rest in the foothills of the Carpathians, surrounded by lush forests and mountain rivers. A favorite vacation spot of tourists in the resort hotels.

Skhidnytsa resort

Hotels in Skhidnytsya popular among tourists from Ukraine and abroad. They offer a quiet vacation away from city noise and rhythm of the metropolis. Selecting resort hotels skhodnitsa, not only to relax but also to improve their health. Health resort famous for its mineral waters, which are used to treat a variety of ailments.

In Skhidnytsya hotels and resorts take tourists all year round. High season at the resort two – summer and winter. Summer hotels skhodnitsa is often visited by tourists with children, couples who want to enjoy a relaxed stay and undergo rehabilitation. In winter the resort enjoy hotels preferred by tourists interested in skiing.

On skhidnytsa resort all hotels and motels built in the last 15-20 years. They are equipped with modern medical databases, and SPA centers. In Skhidnytsya hotels on the city map located in the center and on the outskirts. The village is quite compact, with a minimum number of vehicles and no public transport. To reach any point of the resort can walk for a few minutes. Many tourists prefer in skhodnitsa hotels near pump room. In the centre of the village market, shops and major medical centers.

Mini hotel (private accommodation) in skhidnytsa

One of the favorite places of stay of tourists in the resort – Inns. They are the predominant at the resort, but not inferior to the level of service and hospitality of the expensive hotels. Comfortable mini-hotels in skhodnitsa differ affordable price and home comfort. In such hotels at least rooms and vacationers. Why tourists choose hotels for Pets peace and quiet.

Private hotels in the village offer accommodation with air conditioning, shower, television, Internet. Three star private hotels skhodnitsa often have their own restaurants and cafes, where tourists can eat not only local cuisine, but also offers diet menus. Most mini-hotels are equipped with medical offices, offer medical consultations in various areas.

Prices for hotels and villas Skhidnytsia affordable and suitable for different categories of tourists. The best prices for hotels in Skhidnytsya, in the offseason, when the cost per room reduced by 20-30%.

Skhidnytsia Spa hotels

Every year in the village increases the number of Spa hotels. Staying in this complex, you can relax in a comfortable environment without spending a lot of money. SPA hotels skhodnitsa is able to satisfy the most demanding tourist.

SPA-complexes of the European level on 3 and 4 stars provide dietary meals, medical consultations, own pump-room of mineral waters. In Skhidnytsya hotels Spa is the perfect place for quiet leisure for a long period of time or on the weekend. The range of services of the hotels include a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, balneotherapy. The hotel is equipped with not only summer and winter pools, infrared saunas, Turkish hamams, saunas, wood fired.

SPA hotels in skhodnitsa – display of the resort and relaxation, thanks to healthy air, mineral waters and procedures offered to vacationers year round. The price of hotels skhodnitsa was acceptable is to take care of your vacation and book a room for a few months.

Skhodnitsa Hotels 5 stars

Best hotels skhodnitsa is located in the Central part of the resort. Hotels offer rooms of different comfort, range of medical and Wellness procedures. In Skhidnytsya hotels 5 stars do not exist. But there are good options 3 and 4 star hotels.

Expensive hotels in skhodnitsa, near the sources of mineral waters. Hotels with swimming pool in the village is not uncommon. This service is a priority with tourists when booking accommodation.In Skhidnytsia, new hotels are equipped with spa areas, massage and beauty treatments, sports and children's playgrounds, and water parks.

 In Skhidnytsia, hotels with meals are popular among couples and families with children.  Hotel complexes offer buffet-style meals, European and local dishes, diet menus and special dishes for children.

 In the resort of Skhidnitsa hotels for comfort and hospitality are not inferior to the famous European hotels.  Rest in Skhidnytsia is an atmosphere of silence without the hustle and bustle of the city, healing with healing mineral waters and mountain air, endless landscapes of the Carpathians.



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