Truskavets Villas

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Renting villas in Truskavets is decided by those tourists who do not need strict treatment and visits of balneological procedures. This type of accommodation is a classic for a resort - it has been popular since the 19th century.

Rent villas in the private sector of Truskavets

Rest in the Carpathians and Truskavets in the private sector is leisure with a certain "twist". Here you can feel the history of the resort, enjoy a quiet holiday at the foot of the Carpathians. Most villas offer double rooms with one room, two-room apartments for families, as well as rooms with several rooms for a large company.

Truskavets offers villas and pensions for a quiet and relaxing holiday. Such accommodation is chosen for holidays with children and for a large company. There are hotels and villas built 100 years ago in Truskavets. They underwent a complete restoration but retained the greatness of the old mansions. Villas, made in the classic style of the 19th-century buildings, are very popular in Truskavets. Villas near the pump room are also interesting. Thus, vacationers can in a short time to get to the city's mineral water sources and experience the healing properties of balneological procedures.

In Truskavets, private villas provide buffet-style meals or complex meals in a restaurant. Choosing a vacation in Truskavets in the private sector, you can be sure of quality service. Many villas on their territory have parking, equipped with sports fields and even swimming pools.

Truskavets. Rest in the private sector

Private villas are located near the center, in a park and forest area. At the resort, vacationers can find entertainment according to their taste and preferences. There is a cinema, nightclubs, museums, restaurants, and cafes with dishes of local cuisine.

Most villas have their own restaurants, beauty and massage rooms. Some private resorts offer services of underwater massage, mineral baths, laser therapy. Due to the presence of a medical base, in the villas, you can take courses in inhalation, manual massage, a full course of balneological procedures.

Basically, medical procedures are supported by nutrition according to dietary programs. On the territory of some boarding houses, cardiologists, traumatologists, etc. consult doctors. Having booked a room near the medical centers, you can take courses of treatment in health complexes. Depending on the villa in the Truskavets, private sector prices may include meals and a range of medical procedures.

Reviews about rest in the private sector of Truskavets

Choosing villas in Truskavets, tourists' reviews are still worth reading. Experienced travelers prefer holiday homes, built in the period of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In Truskavets, housing in the private sector is chosen for the unusual atmosphere of ancient mansions made in the traditional style of the Carpathian region.

About the private sector in Truskavets reviews extremely positive. The villas attract a homely atmosphere and tranquility. Such accommodation is convenient for recreation with a group of friends or a family with children. Vacationers will be welcomed by friendly staff and comfortable accommodation.

Many villas have a closed area, equipped with areas for playing tennis, football, and volleyball. In the villas you can take a full course of rehabilitation is not worse than in the large balneological centers.

Having booked a private sector in Truskavets, a tourist will get a cheap and quiet rest, unforgettable impressions of the endless landscapes of the Carpathians, crystal clear water and air. 





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